There is so much to learn and adapt to when you find out you are expecting a baby.  If you are expecting your first child, you may feel elated and overjoyed but you may also feel scared and nervous.  All of these emotions are normal. The physicians, nurses and staff at Dothan OBGYN will guide you through your pregnancy with care and compassion.

From helping our patients conceive to delivering each special child, it is our privilege to be a  part of your growing family.  We offer options in our office and work side-by-side with area specialists to assist with infertility challenges and with high risk pregnancies to ensure you and your baby get care second to none.  

At the first prenatal visit, each of our patients receives a copy of Great Expectations, a guide to enjoying your pregnancy, by  G. Byron Kallam, MD, FACOG and Dianne E. Moran, RN, LCCE, ICD.  

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